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A transformative B2B mobile app that combines advanced digital technology with global business prospects to empower Non-Ferrous Metal Processors with unparalleled business opportunities and extraordinary international trade experiences

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Offer your material, upload it's details
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Explore material requirements from customer across the globe, view requirement details and sell at a single click.


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Our story is different. It's unlike any you have heard before

We are driven by a vision to democratize the Non-Ferrous Metal industry by eliminating inefficiency stemming from multiple intermediaries and bringing in refreshing transparency in the global supply chain. Working on the farm-to-fork principle, Metalmann brings together trusted metal suppliers and end-user manufacturing industries from over 40 countries. Our groundbreaking proprietary trading platform enables all vendors sell to Metalmann and all customers buy from Metalmann. Powered by adaptive data analytics and artificial intelligence that codifies business logic, Metalmann provides a customized and automated international trade experience to its business associates. Our lasting passion to provide global reach and seamless business process-flows propels us towards continuous innovation, balanced by steadfast integrity and ethical business practices.



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